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Tapping into the customer acquisition space for broadband a decade ago, we’ve taken a team of 8 sales specialists and grew into over 750, along with expanding the ISG Media team from a print media focus to covering all aspects of digital marketing services. As the Sales and Marketing teams expanded, the number of direct partner integrations and marketing efforts increased. ISG over-indexes on vital metrics ranging from customer inquiry to activation. A/B tests conducted by our partners have revealed ISG’s sales center to exceed KPIs by upwards of 50%.

From a development and infrastructure point of view, we’ve been the first to complete API integrations that allow for purchase flows to be as seamless and efficient as possible. From a marketing stance, we’ve gained valuable insight into the most optimal channel mixes and the highest returns on investment. We have also developed consumer-facing transactional carts that are in use by our partners today.

As telecoms deploy fiber to millions of households across the country, ISG works in parallel with our partners to target new fiber households — increasing market penetration while providing customers with fast and reliable internet connections. ISG also builds unique value for our partners and customers by operating broadband comparison sites. The sites are a resource for consumers to understand the connections available where they live and provide an objective view of service options — giving the customer added choice. As the industry continues to evolve, ISG’s ability to overachieve and outperform remains a constant.


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At ISG, we stop at nothing to deliver results that blow our clients away. Check out a few of our biggest success stories in the world’s most competitive industries:
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Tapping into the customer acquisition space for broadband a decade ago, we’ve taken a team of 8 sales specialists and grew into over 750, along with expanding the ISG...

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