Infinity Sales Group Offers Aid for Hurricane Dorian Victims

PRESS RELEASE – SEP 09, 2019 (

Boca Raton, FL – Infinity Sales Group, a leading performance marketing and customer acquisition firm, is sending $25,000 in aid to the Bahamas in the aftermath of hurricane Dorian.

Over Labor Day weekend, hurricane Dorian made landfall in the northern Bahamas with winds in excess of 180 miles an hour. It moved very slowly, prolonging the islands’ exposure to battering winds, flooding, and extreme storm conditions.

Dorian caused widespread destruction and power outages on the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama. Thousands of people have seen their homes severely damaged or destroyed, leaving them without food or drinking water. Entire neighborhoods saw most of their dwellings wiped out by the strong winds. Even the airports and ports are struggling to recover so that emergency supplies can be shipped to the beleaguered islands.

hurricane dorian

Destruction from hurricane Dorian showing debris and structural damage to buildings and trees on Marsh Harbor, Abaco Island, The Bahamas.

Infinity is stepping up to help with relief. The company’s owners are donating $25,000, which will aid victims of the disaster in three key ways: the purchase of generators, 20,000 bottles of water, and other desperately needed hurricane supplies.

The generators will be delivered directly to families affected by the storm. Many residents of the islands are now exposed to the elements by damage to homes and power lines. This includes high temperatures, leaks, and insect invasion, as well as diminished access to vital services. The generators will provide families some relief as they rebuild. Due to the storm’s impact, clean drinking water and other necessities have been in short supply for over 60,000 people. Infinity hopes the donation of water can help alleviate this shortage.

The employees at Infinity are also helping with relief efforts. The company’s employees will be gathering essential supplies such as non-perishable food, toiletries, water, canned goods, can openers, mosquito spray, sunscreen, diapers, baby formula, first aid items, flashlights, and batteries. Infinity’s executive and sales teams will be donating supply items to be included with the company’s contribution.

The donated supplies will be shipped to the Bahamas by Norwegian Cruise Lines as part of the Bahamas Hurricane Relief Foundation. From there, they will be distributed to residents by the Bahamas’ National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).