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Satellite TV & Internet

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Launching with traditional media in 2008, ISG quickly scaled to become the largest satellite television and internet acquisition partner in the country. As traditional media response rates declined, ISG simultaneously added resources and quickly pivoted into the full-funnel digital space, including search, programmatic, email to social, SEO, and audience segmentation. To date, ISG has driven over 1.5 million activations. ISG is featured as having best-in-class websites, which include segments developed specifically for the Latino market.

ISG has contributed to bottom-line sales increases due to top-tier, front-end design and back-end implementations with partner APIs, providing the most relevant display of information alignment in this niche space. Understanding audiences for the right messaging, leveraging enhanced enterprise-level tracking, and A/B & Multi-Variate testing and analytics, are all key to ISG’s success — and imperative to all clients we onboard. Whether it is a partner request or internal integration to mine actionable data, a solution in delivering results is consistently achieved and/or exceeded.

In 2015, as our targeting strategies evolved, we focused on geo-segmentation and high NPV customer acquisition. Positioning a satellite-based product in the right geography aided us in achieving best-in-class conversion, activation, and retention rates. Proper planning enabled ISG to remain fully functional throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and act as a resource in times of need when customers in rural America needed reliable connections via satellite delivery.

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At ISG, we stop at nothing to deliver results that blow our clients away. Check out a few of our biggest success stories in the world’s most competitive industries:
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Satellite TV & Internet

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Launching with traditional media in 2008, ISG quickly scaled to become the largest satellite television and internet acquisition partner in the country. As traditional...

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